• Food


    Eliminate organic waste

  • Technology


    Micro organisms break down food

  • Water


    City compliant water goes down the drain.

  • Environment


    Reduces methane gases in landfills

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    Catch up on the buzz

  • Testimonials


    Hear from our customers

A Green Tech Company Recycling Food Waste into Water

Food2Water creates revolutionary technology, the FOOD WASTE LIQUEFIER™, that recycles food waste into water. We install our customized machines in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, cafeterias and universities to turn their food waste into water organically in 15 minutes to 24 hours. There are no by-products, this water can go down the drain or gets recycled for gardening - diverting millions of tons of garbage from landfills. It cuts the venues' garbage disposal costs from 40% to 70%. Officially approved by the New York and New Jersey State Departments of Environmental Conservation. We are a green company that is passionate about a sustainable world and helping others attain that while saving money.

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